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Mickie B. Ashling's News and Views

My Dream Center

26 July
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I've been writing love stories about gay men for many years and sold my first original story in December 2008 to Dreamspinner Press. Horizons released in April 2009. This journal was created to serve as a home for my friends and readers who wish to contact me and chat about current or upcoming stories that I'm working on. You can friend me if you wish. Stories will not be posted on this site, only information about what is new and where you can buy it.

I'm a mother of four, an office manager, and a lover of m/m romances. I began reading everything I could find in this genre around the time I fell in love with the characters on Queer as Folk. I believe in gay rights and freedom of choice. In my perfect universe, same sex couples should have the same rights that everyone else enjoys. Freedom of speech, choice, and religion, rank right up there with freedom to love whomever you choose, openly and without fear. Love isn't a planned event; it just happens, and when it does, it's beautiful, regardless of gender. That being said, there's nothing that inspires me more than a good love story between two men, or three, if the mood strikes:) My family doesn't understand my passion for m/m and refuse to read any of my stories until I start writing het, which is highly unlikely, but maybe someday... Below are my book covers to date. All my novels are available at Dreamspinner Press. The link is right here if you are interested. http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/index.php?cPath=55_76




FireHorse Ride-Off

Chyna hd Enforcing Emory-build.jpg
Forged in Trust-build-r2.jpg


Horizons received an Honorable Mention for new fiction debut in 2009.

Momentos: Mick's Journey tied for ninth place in the 2011 Rainbow Awards Gay Romance Contemporary category.

Loving Edits and Cutting Cords received an Honorable Mention in the Contemporary Gay Romance Category 2010 Rainbow Awards.

Horizons received an Honorable Mention for debut fiction in 2009.

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Taste has been nominated in the Best Cover and Best Contemporary Genre at the 2011 Goodreads awards.


Cleave has been nominated in the Best BDSM Genre at the 2012 Goodreads Member's Choice Awards.


Horizons has been nominated in the Favorite All Time M/M series at the 2012 Goodreads Member's Choice Award.